>Spell Check

>Long time ago before our living for Jesus and married days began, Gene & I decided to move in together. We found a cute apartment complex and made an appointment with the landlord Andy. We spent about a half hour touring 2 apartments and asking Andy lots of questions. When we were done Andy walked us to our car.

With much confidence Gene shook Andy’s hand and said, “Okay Bruce, we’ll let you know once we make a decision.” Andy smiled and said, “Okay Gene talk to you soon.” I just smiled at Andy as I suddenly looked as if I had spent 10 hours in the sun with no sunscreen and followed Gene’s lead, “Bruce, thank you for your time.” Somehow we got that apartment and for the next 9 months Andy went by Bruce.

Over the years Bob has been innocently called George while George looked like a Keith to Gene so that’s what he called him. I have tried helping him with memory games, but now if someone we know is approaching us I become a ventriloquist and start mumbling their name to my honey as he repeats it “Joe Joe Joe” until he reaches the person and greets them by the right name.

I am his helper. God told me so. One of my jobs is to make him look good so that the people will be addressed by their birth name.

Well, last night I was looking over some paperwork he had to fill out for a doctor appointment he had this morning. I gasped out loud and then marched myself into our bedroom.

“Gene, what’s my name?”


“My name, what is it?”


“How do you spell it?”

Looking confused he said, “L e i l a.”

He answered with the same confidence he had the day he called Andy the landlord Bruce. I recognized it immediately.

“No Gene. L e l i a.”

He started laughing and buried his head in his pillow.

“Ten years Gene. Ten years of marriage and you’ve known me for almost twenty years and you don’t know how to spell my name???
You know I’m blogging about this.”

“Honey wait…it was an honest mistake.”

I returned to the kitchen and corrected the spelling error while laughing.

Then I noticed it and all laughter ceased.
He not only misspelled his helper from God’s name once, but twice! Uno…dos!

I returned to the bedroom. “An honest mistake Gene Chealey is ordering chocolate ice cream when your wife likes vanilla. Misspelling her name twice on one sheet after being with her for almost 20 years…that’s just not cool.”

I think he called me picky. It’s not like I want him to remember my favorite perfume, it’s the spelling of my name for goodness sakes!

Oh well, at least he didn’t write Mona or Nancy in the blanks. I probably would have beat him with my grace stick if he had! Plus I’m thankful that he got my last name correct.

Oh Gene Chealey…gotta love my guy.

Leila hearts Jean.

For Christmas I’m getting him a tattoo so he can be just like Jesus!

Isaiah 49:16

See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands.

~Many Blessings~

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27 Responses to >Spell Check

  1. Sandy Toes says:

    >How funny!!! That cracks me up!-Sandy Toes

  2. Runner Mom says:

    >Bless his heart!! Y’all are something else!! Hope your day is going well! You’re in my prayers.Hugs!Susan

  3. >Oh my goodness Lelia this is sooooo funny!! My man is the same way!! Only he uses phrases to tell me who he is talking about such as you know the “bald one” or the “readhead with the twins”, or the “homely one”… WHAT IS SO HARD ABOUT REMEMBERING THE PERSONS NAME???? I just don’t get it–I am doing that ventriloquist thing all the time!! I must say though Gene just takes the prize–20 years and he just can’t remember the spelling of your beautiful name??? hmmmmmmWay to go “Jean” hee, hee

  4. tiggerdaisy says:

    >You are CRAZY!!!! That is a hoot of a story! Thanks for sharing!Prayers and blessings,Rebecca

  5. Jill says:

    >Thanks for the story – it brought a smile! My husband can spell Jill, but he struggles with Jaylyn our youngest and constantly disagrees over our middle childs birthday! The sexes are different, but that is good!Blessings,jill

  6. Laurie Ann says:

    >Bless his heart! That’s too funny! Reminds me of the time someone asked the baker at Walmart to write, Happy Birthday and underneath put Cynthia. Sure enough:Happy BirthdayUnderneathCynthia

  7. Tammy R says:

    >Too funny! Ya,gotta love them.

  8. >What a laugh you’ve blessed me with today! I thought it was bad that my husband can’t remember that I always ask for extra ice in my soft drinks. 🙂 At least he can spell my name! blessings, marlene

  9. Carol says:

    >That is so funny. My hubby never remembers names. So he just pretends to remember. Thank God for name tags at our church.Have a great day.Carol

  10. >Oh, how I would love to be a fly on your wall once in a while. By no means is your life dull, huh? Your family is so sweet in how it is. Funny and sweet all in one. I have to say, you were a better wife than I would’ve. I don’t think my anal perfectionism would’ve let me call Andy Bruce. Instead, I think I would just said “thank you” with no name. I hate that part of me but I have a hard time doing something that I know to be incorrect. You done good Lila…hows that? Lila. At least he had all the letters involved. I love your Leila hearts Jean. Too funny.Ya’ll are too too precious.Much love,Paula

  11. Heather says:

    >That's great, Lelia! Thanks for sharing!(i feel like dustin & i should wear nametags on sunday!?!)~Heather

  12. Paula says:

    >You’ve made my day! That is TOO funny! Hahahaha! P 😉

  13. LynnSC says:

    >Lelia… this is so funny.You and Gene sound a lot like me and my man… constantly he is asking, “what is his name??” or ” what is her name??”. He can’t remember anyones name either.Thanks so much for making us laugh!Lynn

  14. hkudla says:

    >LE L I A, That was hysterical. My husband looked at me like i was nuts as i started laughing out loud… so hard i was crying!I gave him the gist of the story, and then told him the end, with the quote from Isaiah…He gave a big groan, and said, that is just sick and wrong… terrible!!!:)it gave me a great laugh. and i needed it today. thanks so much.And thank you for your comment on my post. This week, God has really laid some people from our study on my heart to pray for. There are several who I just can’t get off my mind… my small group is praying for them as well… their posts have torn at my heart… and I know that some of the stuff i have written, has done the same to me as I go back and re-read them.Praise God for what He is doing! He is giving me a passion to help others the way others have helped me. And reach out the love and hope of Jesus to them… so that they can see the light at the end of the tunnel…I have no clue where God is going to lead me with all this. All i know right now is that I am to pray, and leave encouraging words as I can.Know I am praying for you as well my dear friend!Love you,Heather

  15. Laura says:

    >How funny! Don’t feel bad, my hubs mispronounces my name on a regular basis. I’ve always been La’Ra (you know, like lalalala?) He frequently calls me Lor’a. Sigh. But he does so many other things so well. God knows what He’s doing when he puts those helpmates on the job!Thanks for the sweet talk on my blog…you know as well as I do that it all sounds better in blogland!! (my boys would just roll their eyes…)

  16. >Oh honey…don’t you think we can just chalk this up to a mid-life moment? Too funny…NOT!Blessing prayed your way!In His Graces~Pamela

  17. Julie says:

    >You are hilarious….My husband forgets people’s names, but he can spell mine….THANKFULLY! In grammar school it used to tick me off when boys spelled my name as JULY on my valentines’ cards. That’s the name of the month for gosh sakes…. Thankfully as of this date, David has never spelled my name as JULY.Hugs,Julie

  18. MaryLu says:

    >My Dh got my name entirely wrong for the first two weeks he knew me. Men! What are we gonna do with ’em?

  19. Leebird says:

    >Now that’s just plain funny!Speaking of tattoos….Cliff, my fellow who manages to get my name spelled right since it’s only three letters long….says he’s getting a tattoo of his eyes on his eye lids…..so he can sleep at work. (eyes rolling as I type)

  20. valerie says:

    >That is just too funny!

  21. On Purpose says:

    >Thank you for giving us a great giggle today!I am sure thats why your husband did it…right…so that you could post a great post today and spread lots of laughter…He was just want to share Jesus joy with us all!

  22. Liz says:

    >I am rolling on the floor laughing! That beats them all!

  23. Oh dear. I got on my brother for not knowing how to spell my name, so now whenever he writes me, he calls me Sis.

  24. Jackie says:

    funny funny …. I miss you!

  25. bwahahaa! I gotta meet your Gene!! Got your invite..will be in Omaha all day, dr appt. Grr. Next time!!

  26. Stephanie says:

    rrrrrrrrrrofl! when my hubby heard me laughing so hard at this post he came in and asked what was so funnnnnnnnnny. I read him this blog, he too thought it was funny, and he added that he wished he had made that mistake instead of the one he did shortly after we were married…he called me Sandy, that was his 2nd wife’s name! LOL.

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