Road of life–who is driving?

Recently I went to the writers and speakers conference, She Speaks, in North Carolina and it was an incredible gift from above. God couldn’t have been more evident at this conference from beginning to end. It was more than what I expected to be part of or deserved.

But when I returned home. Oh my goodness. I felt so distant from my Savior that had any men in white shirts donning backpacks filled with tracks would’ve showed up at my door they probably would have had a chance at converting me. I was in a complete spiritual fog and yet God continued to reach out to me.

Awhile ago, my cousin bought an old corvette and took much time to restore it. He had it painted bright canary yellow and was excited to get it on the road. This is not his car, but a picture I found that is similar to what he renovated.

He has always loved fast cars and so on a Friday night about a month ago, he took it out on the road. It was 7pm and his girlfriend and his teenage son waited for him to arrive for dinner. When he didn’t show up or answer his cell phone, they went  to his house to see if he had fallen asleep. What his 17-year-old son didn’t realize is that on the way home, he passed by his dad in this crumpled mess.

Look closely and you can see the visor sideways through the passenger side of the windshield.

The hole where the visor sticks out is also where his head and shoulder came through the windshield. He went through, and went back into the car. Slicing off his right ear and cutting up his handsome face.

Speeding and a few drinks caused him to jump the median and hit an ongoing car. Nobody was hurt but him, praise God.

The first man on the scene was a doctor who witnesses say stabilized him. When the ambulance arrived, they had to use the jaws of life to cut him out of the car he spent hours and money on.

The impact of the crash left his shoes on the pedals on the driver’s side while his body was shoved diagonal into the passenger side of the windshield. The force was so blunt that the steering wheel was bent, the gear shift bent and his blood and hair marked out the path his body took.


And his car started on fire.

While he was still in it and before the fire department arrived.

But after hitting the SUV full of a family that God kept safe, his car rested in front of a group of houses. The house his car stopped in front of was a friend of his who grabbed a fire extinguisher and put out the flames I’m sure not knowing until later who he was helping to save.

Cut metal. Shards of glass. Destroyed by flames. In worse shape then when he bought it.

Plastic surgeries. Repaired ear and chin, but no burns.                                                                Broken back and neck and has to be in a halo device for the next few months, but he can walk and he is alive.

Had it not been for the doctor being put in the right place at the right time, we would have either buried my cousin or he would’ve been paralyzed. Had it not been for the friend with the fire extinguisher, we would have either buried my cousin or his skin would’ve been burned off. Anyone who believes in Jesus knows He is the one who arranged the doctor’s timing and his friends’ quick reaction and it has nothing to do with coincidence.

My cousins’ choices clearly caused this mess, but try telling me God was not in the midst of this accident and I will drive to your house to slap you until you shout Amen!                        Divine intervention happened on Cornhusker Highway that night.

Since being released home, my cousin promises never to drink or speed again and loves to tell how God saved his life. I believe and so does my cousin that this was God’s way to get his attention. His life was spared for a reason.

Whose hands are on the steering wheel of your life?

Are you in complete control or is God?

If you’re in the drivers seat are you taking your heart to places you know God doesn’t want you to be?

If so, turn off the ignition and get in the back seat and let Him take the wheel.

                                             Let God steer your course because without Him                                                     we will eventually crash and burn.

                                                      Thank you Jesus for never giving up on us.                                                            And thank you for saving my cousin. xo

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  1. *sigh*

    I am hearing God all around lately. I can honestly say I’ve placed my hands on the wheel all too often lately.

    Praise God for His gentle and loving reminders all around us.

    • I hear ya Sis. I think I’m through the fog, but I wish the Lord would just handcuff me to His garment. Or make me wear a shock collar or something when I stray. Ridiculous. Let’s touch base this week by phone before the week ends. Love you.

  2. Jill Clem says:

    Oh my goodness. I have to say, after reading this I was speechless. This is just one more example of God’s amazing love, protection, mercy and grace. Thanks be to Jesus the One and Only. Without him we are nothing but a crumpled mess, but when we allow him into our mixed up crazy world he restores us and blesses us with his love and forgiveness. My prayers are with your cousin and everyone involved in the accident. Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. Amy says:


    Humbled by grace.

    He is better to all of us than we deserve.
    And for that, I am SO thankful.
    I’m so glad your cousin is going to be okay and knows the One who saved him.

    Much love,

    • Me too Amy. I really need to stop taking advantage of Him. I miss out on so much by choice. I’m like those teenagers that sneak out at night and take their parents car and wreck or get a speeding ticket. So dumb. Much love right back to you, L

  4. Kim Flatt says:

    Hi my dear friend .. you know it is hard for me to read stuff on the computer because it messes with my eyes! but today I was drawn to read your post! WOW did God speak. Love you and miss you so much. My Dad is in a very bad situation with his health and body! Way tooooo… much for me to type out. But this was just a reminder that God WILL put people in his path just as he has promised! Love you.. oh wait…. I already said that! ~Kim

    • Wow Kim…God is so faithful and good to direct us right where He wants us to read or see. You know my heart is full of love for Kim Flatt forever. No matter what church you go to 😉 Just had to throw that in there. Love you and miss you. Will pray for you Dad. Keep me posted.

  5. Linda Hooks says:

    Yet again, another amazing story-testimony. God has truly blessed you to be a writer, and for you to be one of his messengers, that he does exist in our lives.
    You are a one-of-a-kind Lelia ..such a beautiful soul, thank you for the encouragement through your story!
    WIth much love..and admiration,

  6. God was truly with your cousin. God knows what it will take to get our attention. I’m glad He got your cousins and gave him another chance. I’ve tried to many times to be in the drivers seat when I know God should be there instead. My life would be so much simpler if I would just let Him take the wheel.

    • YES He was and is Gina..thank you! I see God really using this in his life for years down the road! Mine too would be simpler if I’d get out of His way! I always mess things up anyway, you’d think I’d learn! 🙂

  7. Jennifer says:

    WOW Lelia…God was truly in the midst of that….Isn’t it something?! Sometimes getting our attention takes something really big like that…Praying for his recovery and for God to use him in mighty ways!


  8. Connie says:

    Yes! God is a God of second and third and fourth chances our pastor says…and your cousin got another chance to live for Jesus and share HIS story. Like one of the other gals said…you are a gifted writer and I love your heart for the Lord. Bless you Lelia!

    Have a good day!

  9. Sharon says:

    I do love your testimony’s Lelia… thanks so much for sharing. Our sermon tomorrow is titled “who is in the drivers seat” … I think perhaps God is preparing my heart for what he has to tell me!

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