Mend the fences

Living a life with no solid boundaries can be very scary, because when the foundation of your life is filled with holes, Satan will find a way into your world. He doesn’t care, he just wants to destroy you. Kill you. And steal any ounce of joy you desire with Jesus Christ.

Recently our dogs, Kane and Max kept escaping. Daily. You can read about that here if you care to. I was getting frustrated because it seemed like we’d put so much into these dogs that really don’t care whose backyard they destroy as long as they’re fed.

They’d get out and we’d keep them in solitary confinement for awhile. Eventually someone in the family feels the broken trust has been rebuilt and gives them free reign of the backyard; only for them to leave again.

Each time, our son would say, “How do they keep getting out?” Good question, son. So finally, I went to investigate how Aaron was attempting to keep the dogs within our yard.

And was so proud when I discovered this on the side of our backyard. The side that faces the street. Where all the people who drive or walk by our house can see. Please notice the garbage tote on the other side of the fence being used for extra reinforcement. Please don’t notice the overgrown weeds that went wild from some rain we received.

And then I found this on the other side of our house. A beautiful display for all to see and also the view you see from the front of the house if you lean slightly to the right. I check my mailbox daily for a “thank-you” card from our neighbors, but nothing but bills so far.

Piles of strategically placed saw horses, shelving and chairs is apparently how we do it here in Nebraska. I actually found myself thankful there isn’t duct tape anywhere.

Kane and Max found the holes to freedom in Aaron’s piles and ran through them.         Night after night.

Just as in life, if we don’t have up strong walls with no holes to keep our enemy out, he will find the hole and step in and make your life as close to hell as he can get it. Because that is what he is good at.

Protect yourself. If there is something in your life that God doesn’t want in your life, put up some strong walls and keep that enemy OUT. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can handle him.

Years ago, I had an affair and knowing that is nothing I ever want to return to, I’m very careful with any interactions I have with men. Awhile ago I reconnected with an old flame on Facebook.  No big deal, Gene knew about it–I even showed my husband recent pictures of my ex. Oh, and he’s a married Christian  husband and dad now. Completely harmless.

But Satan wanted us to have more than just a casual relationship and when I saw the direction I could dangerously choose, I allowed wisdom to intervene. For protection for both of us, we respectfully de-friended on Facebook AND then I blocked him from even being able to find me.

Having a man as a FB friend I was once involved with, was like our fence in our backyard…full of holes, easy to walk out of the relationship I am supposed to and want to be in. It was a temptation I didn’t need or want in my life. We have history…and it needs to be kept to just that. History.

Now simply “de-friending” someone on FB is like stacking chairs, saw horses and shelves up on the broken fence—you will still have the holes.  You can still “see” one another’s wall, pictures, etc. False protection.

Blocking him from finding me on Facebook and not having any interaction at all, by phone or e-mail—is fixing the fence of my life. No holes. Complete protection.  Keeping out what doesn’t belong.

Be wise. Whatever God wants you to de-friend from your life…                                                                                 DO IT!                                                                                                       Don’t stack up the excuses to selfishly keep it dangling in your face.                     GET RID OF IT OR THEM.

Have a blessed weekend!

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22 Responses to Mend the fences

  1. Katy Flood says:

    such a great post! You are right when it comes to old flames – they need to stay far, far away! Thanks for the insight.


  2. We can never have enough boundaries to protect our hearts from the enemy’s schemes! You are wise to put them up, sister. We all need to monitor our daily activities to be sure we’re doing all that we can to preserve our Christian character and to protect our marriages. Thank you for being so brave! A good lesson for us all.

    PS: Loved chatting with you yesterday. Let’s talk again soon. Love you.

  3. Amy says:

    Amen. And thank you (once again) for sharing your honest & humble heart. You, my friend, are such a blessing and encouragement to me.
    Much love,

  4. Mari Taylor says:

    As usual, a post filled with wisdom and authenticity! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Karren Reed says:

    Thank You for being so open and honest. Before my husband passed away last year, he told me that he wanted me to read Eph. 6:10-18, every day, and to really understand what it was saying. The more I read ( I wish I could say I have read it everyday), the more I see in his own way he was saying I won’t be here to protect and lead but “The Father” would be. I have ask God to help me see new things He wants me to see in this passage each time I do read it. Our battle isn’t with man, it is with the prince of darkness, and satan is relentless, he will find and fill and use to trip us up, any empty spaces we haven’t allowed “The Father” to fill up with” Him”. Thanks for the reminder, that it is time once again to look for those unoccupied spaces!!
    Karren Reed

    • Karren~this is so awesome! I hope you continue to read that passage and see God in that role. Satan is such a bully, I just can’t wait until he gets his. Love what you said at the end….”unocuppied spaces” and letting God fill them. 🙂

  6. LisaShaw says:

    I found you again! 🙂 Trying to get back into a “regular” blog posting and visiting of friends!

    This is powerful Lelia! You said it all right here:

    “Just as in life, if we don’t have up strong walls with no holes to keep our enemy out, he will find the hole and step in and make your life as close to hell as he can get it. Because that is what he is good at.

    Protect yourself. If there is something in your life that God doesn’t want in your life, put up some strong walls and keep that enemy OUT. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can handle him.”

    I really hope we can connect in November! Love and blessings to you!

  7. Mia says:

    You know what I love about you? You are a Godly woman that says….here is what you should do…AND here is what happened to me…the good the bad and the ugly of it. How far-reaching and what an impact a real,raw testimony makes. If only more of us would stand up and say “this is how I fell and this is Who picked me up!” The Who of course being Jesus! Thank you Lelia

  8. Susan Neverve says:

    Praising God for You Lelia!! Thank you for letting Jesus minister through and through to me…!!! Love You!!

  9. Susan Neverve says:

    Once again…awww, I just praise God when the Holy Spirit move’s you to SPEAK TRUTH!! Allowing yourself to step up for each and everyone of us to KNOW we are not “immune!!”
    Love You!! “:)

  10. Brandee says:

    Awesome Lelia, I so love what you have written here! I 100% agree! Just this past weekend I received a FB request from a husband of an acquaintance from high school. I don’t really know her that well. Her and I were the only “friends” he had in common. I politely sent her an email saying that I do not accept friend requests from men unless it is a mutual friend of mine and my husband. She responded back very nicely and said she understood and that he said he did not even send that request (I am not sure how that can happen but ok). After sending the email I looked on my FB account and out of all my friend I only have 15 men. I know of two people who have had marriages destroyed by their spouses hooking up with old “flames” on fb from many years ago. We have to be on our guard and especially if we know we have temptations in an area we have to completely stay away. I have to do that with areas in my life too, even if that does mean I get called “square” a lot 🙂 I can be square if it keeps my mind healthy and focused on things that are “excellent and praiseworthy!”

    Blessings Lelia, I loved stopping by and reading this this morning!

    • That is so good Brandee to have that boundary in place before anything ever even comes along. So often we try to repair after the damage has been done. Not suggesting you would ever take that route, but we have to be a step ahead of our enemy so we don’t ever go from the “I’d never do that” seat to “I can’t believe I did that” seat. Very wise my dear friend! And so sad about the marriages you know that have broken up over FB flames. Crazy! Thanks for your encouraging words!

  11. oh, this is such a powerful post – yes, we have to be aware of the devils schemes always and do those things that we must to block his way!

    • Thank you Beth! He is such a sneaky, evil father of lies and we must be alert as the Bible tells us. He trips me up more than I want to admit and some times I invite the creep in…in a round about way.

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