Be a copycat of Jesus

I love this picture for many reasons. One because the 2 girls are my granddaughters and also how my daughter captured the youngest, Juliana, on the right trying to copy her big sister Amiyah in how she was standing.

Striking a pose for pictures comes naturally for Amiyah, but Juliana could care less about getting her picture taken, so when she cooperates it takes effort if she tries to pose.

This picture of my little loves reminded me of the verse, Ephesians 5:1

Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children.

We are to imitate God. Read His Word and then apply it. Try to be just like Jesus. Try to respond like He did in situations. Love others the way He does. Listen like He does. Think WWJD and then do it. Copy Him. Imitate the Almighty One. For some, imitating Jesus may look like it comes natural to them like posing does for Amiyah and for others it takes work, like it does for Juliana.

I love how God used this picture to gently remind me to try to imitate Him. Look at what He’s doing and then do it. With my words, thoughts and actions try to be an imitator of my God.


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  1. Tammy says:

    I find it interesting the way you worded the sentence-‘For some, imitating Jesus may look like it comes natural…’, (looks natural?) From someone who has to work at looking like Jesus, I think WWJD often and try to imitate His actions.
    I thank God that I have friends that I can look to. Much like Juliana is looking at Amiyah, I realize we should copy Jesus ultimately, but I can never forget those people in my life that have stayed the course and allowed God to make their mess into His message.
    I love that the little things in your life make you think about sharing with us, a simple picture of your grandblessings and you think of a spiritual lesson. Thanks Lelia!

    • Thank you so much! I worded it that way because I’ve learned that so often we look at someone and think, “why is their Christian walk so much easier than mine?” Where in fact it may be a struggle just the same. When I run, or rather jog in place, I can find myself comparing my pace with someone who makes running look natural like they’re gliding on a sidewalk made of silk with their 7 minute mile, while I’m clocking in at 15 minutes a mile while sucking on my inhaler. And yet they may get home and collapse the same way I do. What may look easy isn’t always the case.
      Daily surrender is a must for me as following Christ is not a natural instinct for me. I’m too intrigued by what I know the world can offer me, even though I know the harmful aftermath of doing so. Staying steadfast on Him is worth it though, for sure!
      Thanks for your constant encouragement. 🙂
      You bless me.

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