Is your Bible starving to be read?

The other day, our 4-year-old neighbor girl, McKenzie, was at our house playing with our two granddaughters. The 3 of them sat at the kitchen table munching on the small mound of potato chips they had asked for as a snack.

Our grand-girls, Amiyah and Juliana, ate every chip and even licked their fingers, but McKenzie stood up and with a few chips left on her plate, asked my husband Gene, “Can I be full?”

I was in the living room and overheard her and immediately thought of how when we leave our Bibles closed and don’t spend time in God’s Word it’s almost like we go to God saying, “Can I be full?”

Can I be full off the really good sermon that my pastor gave a month ago?

Can I be full from that women’s conference I attended last summer? 

Can I be full from the Bible study that I did at church last fall?

Can I be full from the connect group I was in during the winter?

Hebrews 4:12 (NIV) tells us that the Bible is living and activeThe King James Version of the same verse tells us that His Word is quick and powerful. This is what is available for us to read, study, meditate on, memorize, sling at the devil and yet we want to be full.

Don’t let yourself feel the hunger pains before you open up your Bible again. Be in it daily. Being in God’s Word can’t be a habit, it must be a daily desire of our heart. Ask God to help you crave His Word if you don’t already.

The other day my friend Heather shared with me how she had let herself get away from daily reading her Bible, so she has started getting up 30 minutes earlier to spend time in His Word and she’s not a morning person. Tell me God won’t bless her time with Him. 

Psalm 34:8

Taste and see that the Lord is good


*Years ago, the way my husband Gene fed his desire to be in God’s Word daily was he read a Proverbs a day…since there is 31 chapters in Proverbs just read the chapter of whatever the date is. So, if it’s June 14th then I would read Proverbs 14. This helped him tremendously and now he craves being in God’s Word everyday. 

Also, my aunt Brenda and uncle Chris’ church, Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, AL has an awesome daily reading plan on their website from the One Year Bible. Check that out HERE.

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6 Responses to Is your Bible starving to be read?

  1. Alison Kikendall says:

    It’s so true!I don’t like hunger pains one bit and I certainly was starving for God’s Word to fill me up. My husband started getting up earlier around 2 years ago. He decided to read thru the entire Bible. When he had finally completed his mission, I was so JEALOUS! That’s right JEALOUS! I wanted all the blessings he had gotten from reading God’s word on a daily basis. That was enough to get me up at 5:30 am with him. We spend the 1st hour every Monday thru Friday reading God’s word together. God has shown Himself as never before. Our great marriage has become greater and so much stronger. That in and of itself is a huge gift from my heavenly Father. A prayer of mine is that I never feel too full for His words ever again.Thanks for this post!

  2. Thanks for the great post and ideas. I am marking the Proverbs now and checking out the link.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Great word my friend! And I am going to dig into Proverbs…what a great idea!

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