Eat the crumbs

This past weekend I attended the annual writers and speakers conference, She Speaks, in Concord, North Carolina. This was the third time I have been to this conference and each time I return home overwhelmed from what God has done in my heart. So overwhelmed that in the past I have temporarily ceased the work God had begun in my life prior to She Speaks. Sometimes I have even stopped writing for a while and labeled it as writer’s block.

If you have ever attended any conference, whether it be Living Proof with Beth Moore, Women of Faith or She Speaks, you can leave the conference on a high from the aroma of being surrounded by godly activity and women. Then within a few days, suddenly plummet down the side of your mountain top experience into the awaiting arms of your real life. Somehow, the high you were on quickly disappears like an ice cream cone in the hand of a child.

Recently a 4-year-old neighbor girl was at our home playing with our granddaughter who is also four. They were munching on a pile of chips for a snack and our granddaughter ate every crumb on her plate. Our neighbor girl sat at the table with some chips left untouched, until she finally asked my husband, “Can I be full?”

If you are a writer or speaker who attended She Speaks this past weekend, there is a ton of information on the plate in front of you from the sessions you attended. You have much to digest and apply to the area of ministry God has given you. Some can take what was learned and instantly apply their new knowledge. Then there are women who might begin to question their ability to be all God wants them to be and let the lies from Satan rip their writer and speaker dreams to shreds. 

Sisters, let’s not give Satan an inch into our hearts. This past weekend you were at She Speaks not because you wanted to be, or your momma wanted you to be, or your friends wanted you to be. This weekend you filled a seat at She Speaks because God Almighty wanted you to be in Concord, North Carolina and nowhere else on the map.

So today, let’s not ask God if we can be full and get up and walk away from our writing and speaking dreams. Let’s not do what our neighbor girl did with her chips and leave any words on the table, but let’s do what my granddaughter did and eat the crumbs. God has greatness planned for each one of us and persevering is what will get us to the next step of His plans.

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

*What session was the one that stuck out the most to me?

*How can I apply it to my writing and/or speaking?

*What steps do I need to take to embed this information into my life?


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12 Responses to Eat the crumbs

  1. Helen Fagan says:

    Great stuff sista! Keep on a keepin on!

  2. nancy velder says:

    You bless me, your an amazing writer!

  3. Donna B says:

    Thanks much!! So needed this!!

    Love ya!

  4. I wasn’t at the conference this year, but I’ve attended before and absolutely loved it! Your words are EXTREMELY encouraging! Keep doing what you do for Christ Lelia, you have lives to change girlfriend…I want to be in the front row cheering you on! Woohoo! 🙂

  5. brownpaperandstrings says:

    Very good word of encouragement for the SS sisters. Thank you!

  6. amydward says:

    Great takeaways and “food for thought”! Thanks for sharing your story from She Speaks here!

    • Thank you Amy! I think when I shared it at SS I messed up and told you ladies she asked, “Can I be done?” Same idea I suppose. 🙂 You’re such a blessing and I’m choosing to LUI!

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