Negative chatter vs. Truth

The other day after this post went up, I received a message from a woman who said she had read it 3 times and cried each time. She also said, “Tonight I’m just having a lot of negative chatter in my head.”

Recently at the Olympics there were some weight lifters whose arms buckled under the pressure of all the weight they were trying to lift. There was one guy in particular that I saw where his elbow dislocated and you could hear and see his pain. Our words are much like the power of the weights the Olympians attempted to lift. Words spoken whether to ourselves or to others will either build us up or destroy us.

A few years ago, I led an online study here on my blog of Jennifer Rothschild‘s book, Self Talk, Soul Talk. (You can find the study posts of the book on the right sidebar of my blog). After the comment made to me the other night about the negative chatter  in her head, I thought of Jennifer’s book.

“A battle was being waged in my mind , and I never even realized its impact at the time. We grow so accustomed to our own self talk that we don’t even recognize its corrosive nature and the damage we’re inflicting on our own souls. It’s just normal for us.”       ~Jennifer Rothschild~ 

So when the “negative chatter” begins, how do we put a stop to it instead of listening to it and eventually believing it? How do we prevent negative chatter from becoming our normal?


God will never feed our minds and hearts with negative chatter, it’s not His style. So we can be certain that when our self talk is negative it’s from the father of lies, Mr. Satan himself.

In May I went on a field trip with my youngest daughter, Alivia, and this sign was posted near the horse barn. When the negative chatter begins in our minds, instead of joining in on putting ourselves down, we need to put a halt to our enemies lies with nothing else but God’s words.

“If our words reflect God’s words, even we will be amazed and astonished at the One who speaks truth to and through us.” ~Jennifer Rothschild~

So, the next time the devil tries to mess with your mind and you recognize that you’re believing some of his negative chatter, start filling your mind with God’s truth, for He won’t disappoint a heart that trusts Him.


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  1. Rebecca says:

    Amen! I so glad I found your blog again. You may not remember me, but I think your blog used to be called, “Write from the heart” *I think.. I remember your face though and enjoyed reading your posts. Glad to link up again with you! Have a blessed day!

    • Rebecca…I remember you and when you had your beautiful little girl! I think you were living in Italy? Are you still there? So good to hear from you!! 🙂

      • YAY! I am so happy you remember me. Yes, I had a daughter and then a year later I had son all born in Italy. We are no longer living in Italy. We are in OKC now and we been here for a year:-) We are moving again, but we are not sure where. You have done lots of great things since the last time I visited.. God is definitely moving in your life, amen so happy for you! I plan on visiting regularly:) ((Hugs))

        • Oh, thank you! I’m so glad we’re connected again! You made my day. 🙂 If you’re on FB friend me so I can see updated pics of your gorgeous little girl. Move to Nebraska! 😉 Take care and KEEP. IN. TOUCH! 🙂 XO

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