Let the truth be told. Even in an abortion clinic

I’m leading a post-abortion Bible study right now called “Surrendering the Secret”. One thing I’ve heard in the DVD from the women in the videos is that they were told, “It’s going to be okay” and “It will be over soon and you’ll never think about it again” from a nurse at the abortion clinic. Many women I have talked to were told the same thing when they had their abortion(s). So, this is my response to the nurses that lie to women in the clinic.

Dear Abortion Nurse,

You saw the fear in my eyes, so you told me I’d be okay. You saw my tears, so you told me it would all be over soon and I would never think about it again. Why did you lie to me? Since the day that I took my baby’s life, I have been anything but okay. I think about my abortion all of the time. Was it a boy or a girl? What would he or she look like? Would they be athletic? Tall or short? Funny or serious? I have never stopped thinking about the baby I left in your clinic like you said I would.

I’m not blaming you for anything because what I did was my choice, but I wonder if you ever think about the many women that you’ve held hands with and lied to. Abortion nurse, you stand firm in your belief for the choice to kill babies, so why don’t you just be real with their mothers?

On your next shift at work, you should try telling the women these truths, instead of your empty lies…

Okay, here is the truth. Afterwards, you won’t be okay. You will always think of what you chose to do. Because see, when your choice hits you, the regret, shame and grief will be so heavy you might consider suicide. You will sink into a depression that may seem impossible to recover from.

When you see other children that is the same age that your child should have been, you will tear up and wish you never came to my clinic. You will feel like a horrible person and so unworthy because think about it, you’re killing your baby. Now, know that you will want your baby back, but darling, you will never be able to undo the choice you made.

This will be a secret that you will keep for a long time. Perhaps years. A secret that will do some haunting of your heart. The self-suffering you will put yourself through will wake you up in nightmares. But honey, what you did will be your reality, not just a bad dream.

You will never be okay with your choice of abortion. I see it in your eyes. You don’t want to be going through with this, but your belief in the lies that this is the only solution has won you over. But just know when you leave this clinic, the pain and shame will eventually get the best of you. Anger is something you’ll feel often because you will never forget and always regret.

You may not be able to have relationships normally because your arms will always be extended to keep people away from you. You don’t want to feel this pain again so it’s easier to keep distance from people who want to love you. Plus you don’t want them to ever find out about your choice.

You will compare yourself to other women and believe you have out sinned all women in your church. You will be plagued with the “If she only knew” fear that keep women from allowing God to use all of them.

And here’s the crazy part, you may return to see me. When women hide their first abortion and find themselves in a similar situation later in life, they may have numbed themselves by stuffing their emotions so deep within that they convince themselves it’s okay to come back. You wouldn’t believe how many women I see more than once.

So as your abortion clinic nurse who could care less about you or your baby, you will not be okay. You will think about your baby everyday, but come back again if you need me to take care of any more of your children. Now get going, I have a  job to do. Next…


That’s just some of the truths that will never be spoken in an abortion clinic. By the grace of God, I am okay. I was able to escape the grip of Satan that had overtaken every part of me before and after my abortion. I will always regret my choice of not only an abortion, but the affair that got me into my situation. Women, we need to wisely guard our hearts like we’re told to in the Bible so we don’t set ourselves up to steal, kill and destroy.  (Tweet this now)

Unlike the lying nurse in the abortion clinic, Jesus will always tell us the truth as He is not capable of lying.

If you are considering an abortion or know of someone who is, share this with them. Statistics show us that 1 in 4 women have had an abortion. You never know who is sitting in your church week after week tormenting herself for her choice. Freedom awaits her hurting heart. I am proof that God forgives the murderous mother and takes her ugliness and makes it into a story of hope for other women who have made the same choice.

If you have had an abortion or considering one, please contact me. You can email me on the Contact page of this blog. God has so much for you…trust Him with your life. He is such a Redeemer.

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32


Statistics taken from the “Surrendering the Secret” Bible study:

  • 86% experience anger or rage
  • 92% of women who’ve had abortions experience emotional deadening
  • 86% fear others finding out
  • 82% experience intense feelings of loneliness or isolation
  • 63% experience denial
  • 58% battle nightmares
  • 56% develop suicidal feelings
  • 53% engage in drug abuse
  • 39% have eating disorders
  • 43% of American women will have an abortion by age 45. 
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10 Responses to Let the truth be told. Even in an abortion clinic

  1. Karen Schachterle says:

    Lelia, I just read your post. I met you at The Crossing last week & was in your session. I was so glad to get your email today. God is using you in an incredible way. I hope to be able to share your post as God leads me to hurting women. I’m so glad I got to meet you last week. Love, Karen Bon courage!!


    • Hi Karen!
      It was so nice to meet you! Thank you for your encouraging words. I pray too that a God leads women to you, that He will provide the words of truth for you to speak into their hurting hearts.

  2. Lori says:

    Wow Lelia,
    Thank you for being willing to share and speak the truth. Your ministry is helping women all over this world. Your bravery and confidence has helped me so much. You have given me so much courage. Thank You for being real! <3

  3. Wow Lelia. I pray that this helps even one woman to know Jesus loves her and can use her. You are such an inspiration.

  4. Wow! A friend of mine just led me to your site. What a powerful letter. Just shared this on my Facebook page. Thank you for writing it. I lead Surrendering the Secret studies in my area. This letter is so very true… Can’t wait to go thru your blog! Thanks for doing what you do!

  5. Darcy Hughes says:

    Awesome. Think you just answered the question “What to say to someone considering abortion” 🙂 Thanks for letting God take you into uncharted paths for ministry.
    Love ya my new friend.


    • Thank you, Darcy! True…I will have to remember this when I am asked that question in the future. 🙂 Excited to see where God is going to continue to use your compassionate heart. I could talk with you for hours, you’re awesome.

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