Don’t forget about the Birthday Boy

I have three children and my oldest will be turning 23 at the end of this month. Thinking back over all of the birthday parties I have thrown them over the years, there is only one thing that every party I have hosted had in common: I never lost focus of who we were celebrating.

Each child chose a different theme, invited different people, had their preference of cake and ice cream flavor, but the one thing that was the same with each party was that I focused only on the birthday child.

If I threw a celebration for Alyssa, then my youngest daughter Alivia was not the one who got to blow the candles out on the cake. If a bunch of boys were running around my house with Aaron then he was the one who received all of my attention. The girls probably weren’t even in the house that day. When I bought gifts, I picked out what I knew they would like, not their brother or sister. It was their day.

Although it should be celebrated year round, Christmas is the season set aside to celebrate the birth of our Savior. To focus in-depth of His crazy and humble arrival upon this earth. It’s easy to start out with the right heart, but like a little kid in a toy store, we can become lost real quick. Black Friday shopping can capture a person’s focus to the point of no return. Soon we overeat, overspend and over extend ourselves. We become stressed instead of blessed.

Refuse to allow the demands of this world to shove the birthday Boy aside. Make and keep Jesus the undeniable center of your Christmas and the upcoming year as well. We can stand in line all day to buy our kids the latest and greatest toys that will be forgotten by the end of the day, but if we fail to teach them about Jesus, we’re denying them the greatest Gift of all.  (Tweet this now)

Santa worshipping Jesus


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  1. Hilda Quintanilla says:


  2. Karen says:

    Thanks for the reminder Lelia. Someone asked me yesterday if I was getting ready for Christmas, decorating & buying gifts & baking….all I could think of was, there’s so much more to Christmas. My strength & back don’t allow me to do some of the things I’d like to but I can enjoy the music I hear in the stores & at home, the lights and decoration that other people put up, our Christmas Tree production at church, singing carols at my garden club….so many wonderful things, even if I haven’t produced them all myself. Jesus is the One who gives me peace & hope & courage every day. I’m so glad I know Him at Christmas & every day of the year. Blessings, Karen S.

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  4. godschick says:

    Amen Lelia. Love that. Blessed not stressed. Time to make room for Jesus. Love you!

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