Cheering for freedom

After our weekly visit with our son, I rush to my car and drive to the side of the prison, hoping for one last view of him until the next visit as he walks into his unit. Gene thinks I’m silly and dramatic, but it’s a Momma thing. Every time I have tried for the last look I have missed seeing him, until this past Saturday.

imageI was with my sister and Aaron’s girlfriend, and when we saw him, I honked my horn and yelled, we love you, Aaron! His eyes were probably rolling as he waved, but I was too far away to notice.

When I see him again in 7 days, he will more than likely agree with his Dad and call it silly and dramatic, but I know my boy…he secretly loved my form of encouragement and I’m okay with him never admitting it.

Sunday night I led the “Surrendering the Secret” Bible study for post-abort women. I sat with women who have each held their secret of shame for years. 40 years total between them that they were held prisoner by this secret. I shared this picture of my son and told them that as I am doing for him, I will be cheering them on as I stand on free ground waiting for the day they walk out of their prison.

When people in our lives are not walking in God’s freedom in all areas of their life, we need to be there for them. We need to cheer them on as they seek their healing, peace and freedom. We do this by praying for them and encouraging them. Somedays they may roll their eyes, but don’t stop being their cheerleader. Keep honking and yelling “I love you!”

No matter what kind of past or present we have, God has freedom only He can give waiting for us, because as Psalm 146:7 tells us, “The Lord sets prisoners free”.

Cheering you on,




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14 Responses to Cheering for freedom

  1. chris schleich says:

    absolutely beautiful
    let the healing begin

  2. Jill Baker says:

    absolutely encouraging! thanks for sharing your life, ministry and heart for God!

  3. Paula says:

    I love this! And I will continue cheering for your boy! xoxo

  4. Kim says:

    Just got home from bible study with 11th and 12th grade girls….this is exactly how I feel about them….I just keep cheering them on….watching…..and waiting for God to remove them from the “prisons” they have themselves in. God is good!!

    Praying for Aaron and you and Gene too! <3

  5. I am doing the Breaking Free study by Beth Moore in our lady’s Bible study at church. It has been good, but probably not as good as it could be. I’m so afraid of what life looks like in true freedom, and I know that He is wooing me. thank you for the reminder dear friend, that there are those who are living in freedom, who are seeking the Lord’s face on our behalf. So excited to hear that your boy is reading the bible…praying that he sees truth in The Word. Praying also for these women as they seek to break free of the silence. For their hearts to break free…to see the light through so much darkness that keeping quiet often causes to form in lives…and for the desire to speak freely in a safe place and speak words that will slowly lead to healing. May the Lord bless your sessions together

    • That’s a great study! Trust God with the process and your journey to freedom and all you thought was impossible will become a beautiful mess. Trading fear for trust is such a good thing.
      Thank you for the prayers for Aaron and the women in the study!

  6. Sharon says:

    I just can’t imagine what you mean by being set free. I don’t deserve to not feel this guilt. I feel like that would be disrespectful to the baby who’s life I took. I also can not imagine ever being able to share this with any of my church friends. I just can’t. I’ve been the person they think they know for so long I don’t know how to be anyone else.

    • “Freedom would be disrespect”…a lie straight from the enemy. For me, when I realized that the cross even had my abortion nailed to it, that Jesus had died EVEN for this horrific sin of mine, is the first time I realized that amazing grace was more than just a song.
      Satan is so good, he’s a master at keeping women convinced they don’t deserve the freedom from guilt that only God can offer. As long as he keeps us hidden in shame then that is a victory for your enemy.
      I will pray for you Sharon because despite what your enemy wants you to believe, you are worthy of forgiveness. You are exactly who Christ went to the cross for. You and me both.
      Also, I highly recommend the Bible study, “Surrendering the Secret”. It ships anywhere, even overseas.
      And as far as your church friends? You’d be shocked with those who would respond to you with, “me too”. Completely shocked.

  7. I missed you Lelia. Took time off from facebook and blogging. Recently came and read about Aaron. God is faithful! You are right – He LOVED you cheering for him. I know. I know Jay loved every time I wrote, took the time to accept his calls, took the children to see him even though he was half way across the country and we had no money (but God provided!). He loved the visits. He loved when we would do the same thing when he was out in the yard – honking and the kids waiving out the window to daddy! God will use this setting apart time like no other. He might find distractions for a moment – working out, making friends, playing cards, watching tv – but that is a little minute because the rest of his time is alone – with just JESUS. The work God began in him – He will finish. The things God promised – will come to pass. Your momma and daddy prayers will not return void. ALL of this will go forth to accomplish the Father’s will. God bless you my friend. I am praying for you all and Aaron. I cannot wait to read all the praise reports that will come as you all journey through this day by day. God is faithful! Thank you for your always transparent heart – and your words of truth to the young lady that wrote above about finding forgiveness and being set free from guilt. God is good. He is so amazing to set you here for this time to deliver these messages of HOPE and LOVE and TRUTH. God bless you.
    Love, Suzanne Wantland

    • Hey sweet friend! Welcome back. 🙂 Thank you so much for your encouragement! I appreciate you taking the time to write. Wish he was home, but trusting in this big, great God of ours. He just seems like He knows what He’s doing. 😉
      Glad you’re back!

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