Thanks be to God


Last week I flew to Texas for four days to attend a writer’s retreat. My airfare was a gift

from someone who believes in me as a writer. Someone who wanted me to get me away from my normal to learn from other writers.

I had heard good things about the retreat site that’s hidden on the Frio River in a canyon. I also knew that the High Calling, who was putting on the retreat is a group you can trust with your dreams.

Hours before my girlfriends, Deidra and Helen, picked me up to go to the airport, doubt mocked me with lies that I wouldn’t fit in with this group of amazing, deep thinking writers. Doubt straight from the enemy. Doubt I silenced with Scripture.

By the time they pulled in my driveway, my confidence was back in God

The hour-long car ride to the airport was filled with rich conversation between the three of us and I knew I was getting a taste of what lied ahead for me.

There were six of us picked up at the San Antonio airport by our fellow dreamer, Tina, and after a 2 hour drive, we arrived at Laity Lodge. We had to drive through a river into the canyon and that’s when I realized that no pre-trip description of this place could have prepared my heart for such beauty.

IMG_8953373192572 IMG_8972216836703

I felt like I just walked into a painting by the Ultimate Artist.

Pulling my suitcase down the gravel path to my room I felt like I was home for a family reunion. I felt a belonging, cheered on and loved.

To sum up my time at Laity Lodge I would compare it to Thanksgiving.

Whenever we go to my Grandparents home for a family gathering, my Grandpa refuses to allow you to leave without your arms full of leftovers. You’d arrive with one side dish and leave with meals for days. He makes you feel loved.


That’s how I feel.

Loved, thankful, looked out for, blessed beyond measure and full. Full of God’s goodness and provision. What I brought to the table doesn’t compare to what I took home.

Thank You Jesus. You didn’t have to send me to Laity Lodge, but I’m so thankful You did and I’m forever grateful and changed within.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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14 Responses to Thanks be to God

  1. annkroeker says:

    Ah, I love this idea–this image–of coming home from the retreat laden with leftovers to look forward to for the days ahead. I’ll take that blue-lidded container of sweet potatoes in the middle to match the healthy, substantial sweetness of our days together. I’m so glad you came. You are a deep, rich beauty. I’m so glad to have met you and feasted on the same delights.

  2. Yep, umhmm, this was my roomie right here. She rocks my world with her truth.

  3. Lelia,
    I am delighted you came and we met…and that image of yummy leftovers…a picture of overflowing grace…I’m still processing the retreat…hope to write about it soon…Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  4. amybreitmann says:

    “What I brought to the table doesn’t compare to what I took home.” <——- Yes, this. So blessed to have experienced Laity~ all the beauty and the laughter with you, friend. xoxo.

  5. Deidra Riggs says:

    You are gorgeous, and not just when you make eyes at the camera. 😉

  6. This: –> “What I brought to the table doesn’t compare to what I took home.” Boom!

  7. laura says:

    I’m still absorbing everything, aren’t you? I was so glad to get to see you again, Lelia. I feel like we’ve traveled so far together. Grateful to sit at the table with you.

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